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    On this page you will find information, pictures, maps, etc., concerning castles of Poland and neighboring Poland. You can read here not only the historical description, but also legends, mysteries and people's comments. You can see old maps, done by adventurers from all over the world. You can go over one hundred years back and see those cities postcards from that period.

    This page is not directed to history fans only; it can be an instpiration for people enjoying travels, old castles and vacation time treasure search escapades. Its other to purpose is earn sympathy for existing, as well as no longer existing buildings, and to approach them with appropriate respect.

    The idea of the page started during vacation escapade to Masurian (Prussian) lands to visit castles of Teutonic Order. I found out then, that Teutonic Order knight could not spend the night outside a castle's walls. That means that during the day he must have traveled all the way from one castle to another, which means that there should be a castle every 30 miles. What happened to those castles then? What is their story? On this web page I will share with you the information I managed to gather.

    This web page is under constant construction, so please don't be discouraged if you don't find the information you were looking for - please back come tomorrow, and it may already be here. At the same time all your comments are welcome.

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